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Youth Culture: Tough Luck

From bucket hat 90's ravers to Soviet skaters, all the way through to the simplicities of adolescent life in Valencia. Tough Luck is the Instagram page dedicated to documenting international youth culture.

Touch Luck is curated by Jordan Taylor, better known as JT, a Newcastle-based student and creative. Week by week, the account pushes a variety of imagery, videos and stories highlighting the diverse cultures which have helped shaped the world today.

"The photographers on the page can be well established or simply amateurs documenting their life, friends and surroundings. Tough Luck aims to display modern-day youth culture in its purest form."

Jordan Taylor

Youth cultures are crowded with creative and outside-the-box thinkers. Without them, the world would look pretty dull. These people look to challenge norms and dare to be different. After all, the underground dance community wouldn't exist today without the influence of sub-cultures. Imagine that?

So after following the page since it's inception, we've picked out some of our favourite posts.

Synthia Bahati: "I didn't grow up seeing black/African people represented in positive ways in New Zealand. So I figured why not do it myself and capture the people I see around me in the hope to create and capture moments that portray them in a positive or natural light."

Shybairns: documenting the underground rave scene in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Marisa Suda: "I try to document Tokyo nightlife in its purest form."

Liz Johnson Artur: documents the lives of black people from across the African diaspora. Her work strives to display and celebrate the normal, the vibrant and the subtle nuances of each of these people's lives that she encounters.

Words by Will Welsh


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